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Welcome to Chicago Classic Coach WiFi

This Chicago Classic Coach WiFi Zone, powered by Chicago Classic Coach Technologies, lets you connect to the Internet to check your email, surf the web, play games and connect to your corporate network - all at broadband speeds.

By connecting to this network, you agree to be bound by this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). If you cannot agree to this policy, you must not connect to the Chicago Classic Coach hotspot wireless network.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Chicago Classic Coach will do their utmost to provide a reliable, stable service. However, users of this service accept that:

  • The service may become unavailable at any time, and without notice. If this happens, we will endeavor to restore the service as soon as we can.
  • Chicago Classic Coach cannot take any responsibility for any user data traversing the hotspot. We cannot guarantee that your data will not become lost, corrupted, or intercepted in transit. We cannot take responsibility if you lose an email or a download or any other kind of transmission, or if someone gains access to your passwords, or for any other like circumstances.
  • Security of the user's equipment and data is not the responsibility of the Chicago Classic Coach. It is the user's responsibility to safeguard against the risks of hacking, viruses, eavesdropping, and all other such hazards. Chicago Classic Coach is not liable for any kind of loss or damage whatsoever.
  • Parental controls are active to block Internet content, which might be found offensive to other passengers or deemed "inappropriate" for children, however, Chicago Classic Coach can not guarantee that such controls will filter all "inappropriate" content.

The Chicago Classic Coach hotspot is provided for our riders. As such, it is necessary to use the hotspot in a "community-minded" manner. In order to provide a "fair" service for everyone, Chicago Classic Coach reserves the right to:

  • Bar access to the hotspot to anyone who is deemed to be in breach of this AUP, or is behaving in an unsociable manner (for example by consuming all available bandwidth for themselves), or for any other reason.
  • Block access to any network protocols that are deemed inappropriate or may violate this AUP. Such network protocols include but are not limited to those used by file sharing applications such as KaZaA, eDonkey, FTP, and Napster.
  • Apply any such traffic shaping as is deemed necessary to provide the service in a fair and stable manner.
  • Users of the Chicago Classic Coach WiFi agree to keep their activities legal and in good taste. Users are forbidden to use the hotspot for the transfer of copyrighted, offensive, "inappropriate" materials, spam, or any other such articles.
  • Alter the terms and conditions stated in this document at any time and for any reason.

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